Cat's Bio

Cathy Garner, affectionately known as Cat, is a native of Chicago who currently resides in Dallas. She is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist who is becoming recognized as one of the top female vocalists hailing from that area.  With a growing fan base who loves her sultry and sophisticated style, Cat's love of jazz is evident. When she performs, she's in her zone, and singing to her soul.  Cat hires the best local musicians to join her on stage.  

Music Accomplishments:

Cat wrote Compromise in 2009, and recorded it in 2010 with the expertise of music producer Connor Conrad at Akachi Music Group. Her inspiration to write a song about romantic relationships emerged from observing everyone's relationship issues, including challenges in her own marriage.  Cat's philosophy is "if neither partner is willing to compromise, then the relationship is compromised."  Compromise is the first, but not the last of Cat's recorded compositions. She has been in the studio with producer Connor Conrad who produced her latest singles I Love You More Than Shoes; Breezy; and HADIJA. Cat is also the featured vocalist on Connor Conrad's CD entitled Indigo Blue. Follow Cat Garner on Spotify to enjoy her beautiful original beautiful produced by Connor Conrad.
There's a Cat in the house, but you won't hear a catcall, only a melodic music for all smooth music lovers!

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